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Nestled along the Tigris River, Baghdad, which is the capital city of Republic of Iraq, sits on a 204.2 km area. Largely populated with Islams, the city has since evolved into a major commercial, cultural and educational centre for the Islamic world.

Baghdad also appears as a tourism centre with Al-Shaheed Monument, Hatra Ruins, Samarra Archeological City, National Museum of Iraq, Baghdadi Museum, Arahman Mosque and Baghdad Zoo attracting millions and millions of tourists all over the world.

Now, apart from everything else that takes place in Baghdad, there's this one which I'm sure will interest you. Dating is one of the things that have taken a major and a basic part of lives of the people in Baghdad. This has been characterized by singles both from the natives and the foreigners in the city meeting each other and starting a journey of life together.

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