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57, male, single

Becharre, North, Bsharri, Lebanon

Strong personality,self confidence, strong willed, sensual, romantic, independent, looking for my second half

I always follow my words and I'm a man of my word. I'm single and I never married, seeking for a long term relationship that could lead to true marriage. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage. A flower can't blossom without sunshine, and mankind can't live without love. When someone shows you who he is, believe him the first time. I'm cleansed with my own tears for true great love, so I will remain pure forevermore. I will always be silent when asked who I am, because only great joy or great sorrow can reveal my truth. Everyday I wake up with determination and I go to bed with satisfaction. I'm human. I have weaknesses, I make mistakes, and I experience sadness; but I learn from all these things and they make me a better person. I don't care what people say about me. I know who I am, and I don't have to prove anything to anybody. I know what I say but the others say what they know. I'm humble enough to know I'm not better than anyone. And wise enough to know that I'm different from others. I look up high to see only the light, and never look down to see my shadow. By true love, l could live on the fragrance of the earth, and like an air plant be sustained by the light. I'm unlimited in heart and mind and impelled by a strong, unknown emotion. But from a sensitive woman's heart springs my happiness, and from the kindness of her noble soul comes my affection. There is no affection purer and more soothing to my soul than the one hidden in the heart of a woman who awakens suddenly and fills her own soul with tenderness. My soul is like a flower that folds its petal when dark comes, and breathes not its fragrance into the phantoms of the nights, but certainly into the light. I'm now a most enlightened person regarding the needs of the woman's heart - that throbbing heart which is like a bird flying in the spacious sky of love. It's like a book in whose pages, I can read the chapter of happiness and misery, joy and pain, laughter and sorrow. No one can read this book except the true companion who is the other half of the woman, created for her since the beginning of the world. I look upon the true light of love, so I see my inner reality. My inner self dwells not alone in my being. I like life and love in all their manifestations. I stand alone listening to the voice of hope in my deep self. I let my soul exalt my reason to the height of my passion. Thus I should rest in reason and move in passion. My pain is the bitter potion by which the physician within me heals my sick self. My pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses my mind and my understanding. Verily, much of my pain is self chosen. The pain of yesterday is the strength of today. My soul is my best friend who consoles me in my misery, and the distress of life. But inside my inner soul there is an apostle who leads me upon the illuminated path. So l believe in myself and all that I am. I know that there is something inside me that is greater than any obstacle. My life emerges from my within, and derives not from my surroundings.      Moreover, I have a strong personality, a high self confidence, and a good sense of humor. I'm strong willed, independent, romantic, very caring, and I'm very sensual. I'm open minded, serious, honest, decent, sincere, patient, persistent, very bold, courageous, valiant, refined, talented, cheerful and optimistic. I'm well mannered, manifold, and many sided. I will stay clean, upright, transparent, charitable, fair to the oppressed, hard on oppressors, patient in pain, strong and above all lowly passions.     In fact, It's impossible to speculate even generally upon my soul age, for my face, though youthful, is unrevealing, and my deep eyes reflect years of meditations, thoughts, and sufferings. Seven thousand years have been passed since the day of my first birth. All things in this vast universe exist in me, with me, and for me. My dreams and affections are ever-living. There is no greater gift to me than that which turns all my aims into patching lips and all my life into a fountain.       Otherwise, I'm very fond of music and dance, because dancing give me the chance to express my emotions, and it arouses different feelings in my soul. So I'm very calm in my life, but very crazy in my love. I'm very educated, I always develop myself and I treat others the way I want them to treat me. My power and my self confidence came from some great reservoir of spiritual life, else from a rare and distinctive flavor of honest thoughts and meditations... The delicacy of my mind, the visions of my inner eyes, and the vast, but simple, insight displayed by my every thought, combine to present a distinctive conception for life and love. I always explain the deepest impulses of man's heart and mind which inform my work. I'm a very single minded person, a strange man, born in the shadow of the Holy Cedars of Lebanon, beside Kahlil Gibran's museum and center, spending my time to exhibit my weirdly beautiful approach to life and love. I have a specific recognizable message to convey and to bring to the inner consciousness of my future beloved quickly, clearly, and effortlessly. I earnestly feel the genuineness of the message I endeavor to carry to my beloved. Then I can read what her life has written upon her face, saying to her: come my beloved, come close to me, oh beloved of my soul, embrace me, for I feel loneliness. Let's look upon each other. You can't fail to recognize in me the strong expression of a passionate urge to improve an impulse that fired my mind and heart from childhood. In fact, if human relationships are wrong, no other factors of life can really matter, but in what fashion can existence on earth be fulfilled when love departs or friendship withers? Now I drive these words to the heart of my future beloved, and like the music, of which the composer wish to say: from my heart the music sprung and to the listener's heart it shall penetrate, my best future beloved will be like the best music instrument; if I don't know how to use it properly, I will hear only discordant music. In fact, when life doesn't find a singer to sing in my heart, she produces a genius to speak my mind. My body is also the music instrument of my soul.     Moreover, by love, we shall smile and laugh together, and together we shall dig graves for all that dies in us. True love is the most wonderful and precious gift that a man and a woman can give each other. Love is what drives us in all our desires. In fact, inside me there's a power that rages and drives me into a madness which extinguishes only before gratification of desire. So I declare: madness in love is lust, madness in art is creation, madness in thinking is genius, and madness in poetry is wisdom. I adore love and beauty because they have some reflections in me. Beauty is that which attracts my soul, also enchants my heart, and at the same time sings in my mind. Beauty is that which loves to give and not receive. Effectively, what I say now in my solitude will be spread tomorrow by the multitude. I'm writing these words to my future beloved who will be everything in my life: consolation in time of sorrowing, hope in the time of grieving, and power in the moments of weakness. And me, I'll be for her, the fountainhead of passion, tenderness, affection, compassion, and the bosom upon which she can rest her head, and the eyes which watch over her. Thus, by this sweet relationship, our desires, pleasures, dreams, and fantasies will be satisfied by a crazy love and a calm life. So I call this relationship: a sweet responsibility and never an opportunity.     Personally, I refuse to live by traditions, customs, and man-made laws. Instead, I want to live by kindness which should be the source of every law upon the earth. In fact, the great love makes miracles and heals from diseases. It changes everything without changing itself. It has a quenchless desire of renewal, but at the same time, it has an independence which is constant. Love is boundless, undivided, parceless, freeing me from despair and jealousy. So I prefer death through happiness of love a thousandfold to life in vain and despair. I prefer to be a dreamer among modest and poor men, than being a rich man among those who are without dreams and desires. When I sow a seed, the earth will yield me a flower. And when I dream my dream to the sky, it'll bring me my beloved. Eventually, by love, my second nature can transform me in one new person. So I must be devoted to love and life, because, what I get out of it, depends of what I put into it... And all my life, I've been searching for the true love, for a face, for a look... I am perpetually in a state of wandering... searching... my future beloved. It's so easy to find a person to live with, but it's so hard to find the one without whom I can't live. A smart woman knows how to love, but a smarter woman knows who to love. It's better to wait long than to marry wrong. Being alone may scare me, but staying in a bad relationship will damage me. It's said: "Those who are alike come together".

Verified: true

Seeking: female

Intentions: Marriage

Personality: Patient

Height: 5'9" (176 cm)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Body Type: Average

Body Art: None

Exercise: Tried it Once

Marriage: Marriage is Important

Romance: Valentines Everyday

Have Children: Don't have Children

Want Children: Want Children

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Nationality: Lebanon

Languages: Arabic

Religion: Spiritual

Education: PhD or Doctorate

Occupation: Self Employed

Pets: Lots of Animals

Holidays: Never been on a Holiday

Drinking: Socially

Smoking: Never

Drugs: Never

Interests: skiing, walking, swimming, sailing and gardeningreading, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, walking, travelcampingtravellinglistening music

Dealmakers: romancereal marriagebusinessmentrue lovefriendship

Meetups: in naturerestaurants small barhotels night clubpublic garden

Dealbreakers: stealinglyingcheatinghackingfightinginauguratingdestructingdrunkingfraudingscamminginsultingrefuting

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